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    URL: http://www.bcs-sges.org/es99
    December 13-15, 1999
    Peterhouse College, Cambridge, United Kingdom.
    The 19th International Conference on Knowledge Based Systems and Applied Artificial Intelligence

  • ECML-2000
    URL: http://www.iiia.csic.es/ecml2000
    May 30-June 2, 2000
    Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain)
    Eleventh European Conference on Machine Learning

  • EUROVAV 99
    URL: http://www.dnv.no/research/safekbs/eurovav99/eurovav99.htm
    June 9-11, 1999
    Oslo, Norway.
    Fifth European Symposium on Verification and Validation of Knowledge Based Systems and Components.

  • IJCAI-99
    URL: http://www.inria.fr/acacia/WORKSHOPS/IJCAI99-OM
    2nd August 1999
    City Conference Center, Stockholm, Sweden.
    Sixteenth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.
    IJCAI Workshop on Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories.

  • KES 2000
    URL: http://wwwstudent.bton.ac.uk/~kes2000
    30, 31 August, 1 September 2000
    University of Brighton, UK
    Fourth International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Engineering Systems & Allied Technologies

  • PAKDD 99
    URL: http://ain2.ai.csse.yamaguchi-u.ac.jp/pakdd99
    April 26-28, 1999
    Xiangshan Hotel, Beijing, China.
    The Third Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

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