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    URL: http://www.neuron.co.uk/addurl1.html
    If you know of a web site that should be included in this category, please feel free to suggest it.

  • AI-CBR Home Page
    URL: http://www.ai-cbr.org/theindex.html
    Ai-cbr aims to provide a comprehensive information base to Case-Based Reasoning academics and commercial developers.

  • Clips and Perl with Extentions (CAPE)
    URL: http://www.hcrc.ed.ac.uk/~robert/CAPE
    CAPE is a combined programming environment which allows programs to be written in Clips, a forward-chaining rule-based system which was originally developed by NASA, and Perl.

  • Knowledge Sharing Links
    URL: http://plato.clickshop.com/pdkb/links.html
    A knowledge sharing jump list maintained by Seth Russell.

  • NeuroProsthesis Research Organization
    URL: http://www.neuroprosthesis.org
    The Neuroprosthesis Research Organization is a not for profit organization dedicated to supporting people who had to resort to chronic microsensor implants. We provide scientific information and education for patients, their families and friends. We raise funds for visual, auditory and sensorymotor neuroprosthesis and biomorphic robotics related research. Our Organization is also concerned with reporting results in the field of Sensorimotor Substitution and Neuroprosthesis.

  • Seth Russell's AI Jump List
    URL: http://clickshop.com/ai/jump.htm
    Regularly maintained AI jump list.

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